film factory

experiments in generative film

experiments in text-based, generative film (frame series) :::

bookfactory + soundfactory = filmfactory


I have been mulling over the accessibility of live, internet-based work vs. fixed formats that are more easily passed along to venues to support (mp3, mp4, print). New media remains challenging for presentation by small, traditional gallery spaces and film festivals. People are much more familiar with fixed-format art. I wanted to expand the accessibility of my creative artifacts to support venues and individuals that feel intimidated by web-based, new media. I wanted to create old-school, fixed-format "objects" that were more than a poor-resolution screen capture of my living, algorithmic, generative practice. I developed code to take a central algorithmic seed and produce mp3s, mp4s, print books, pdf files, and web animations::: to expand the form and accessibility of my endpoints.